Built With Love & Compassion

The story of Seeboo begins with a very personal journey. In 2013, our founder Haseeb was a junior in college navigating the difficulties of “real life”.. slowly but surely, falling into depression. Haseeb’s battle wasn’t an easy one, but only with time, love and support from those around him, he was able to come out of it stronger than ever.

Haseeb knew that there were others out there who had a similar experience, but even worse… many who continue to suffer with no support. That is where the concept of Seeboo was born. From day one, Seeboo has had one goal: to promote mental health awareness and help overcome the stigma surrounding mental health.

We believe more than anything that it’s okay to not be okay. That’s why we strive to not only offer (literal) comfort with our selection of products, but to also create a comfortable space to support one another and partake in much needed dialogue about mental health.

In our mission to provide mental health help for those who need it, we dedicate 15% of all our proceedings to the promotion of mental health awareness and research.